General Meeting 2022

Dear members & friends,
You shoud receive the invitation for our AGM, taking place on the 23.04.2022 in these days, by post. Please don’t forget to give us a feedback if you can participate or not. Thank you very much.

It will take place in the Old City Irish Pub in Bern.

Liebe Mitglieder und Freunde
Ihr solltet in diesen Tagen die Einladung zur HV am 23.04.2022 per Post erhalten. BItte vergesst nicht, uns mitzuteilen, ob ihr teilnehmen könnt oder nicht. Vielen Dank.

Die HV findet im Old City Irish Pub statt.

Hail, Hail!

CSCS Board

**CANCELLED** General Meeting 2020

English version below


Liebe  Mitglieder des CSC Switzerland

Wir befinden uns in schwierigen Zeiten. Die Corona-Pandemie hat unser aller Leben im Griff.

Aufgrund der derzeitigen Lage müssen wir unsere Hauptversammlung vom 25. April 2020 leider verschieben.

Der Vorstand hat gestützt auf Art. 6a COVID-19 Verordnung 2 beschlossen, dass die Hauptversammlung im Spätsommer oder Herbst 2020, entweder in der gewohnten Form im Pub, oder als Online-Versammlung stattfinden wird. Über das genaue Datum werden wir Euch zeitgerecht informieren.

Wir hoffen, dass sich die Lage bis dahin soweit entspannt hat, dass wir ein geselliges Wiedersehen feiern können. Sollte eine richtige Versammlung aber immer noch verboten oder aus gesundheitlichen Gründen zu riskant sein, werden wir die Versammlung online abhalten.

Bleibt alle gesund und passt auf Euch auf! You’ll never walk alone!

Vorstand CSC Switzerland


Dear Members of the CSC Switzerland

The current times are difficult und stressful. The Corona-pandemic has grabbed all our lives.

Due to the current situation, unfortunately we have to postpone our General Assembly on the 25th of April 2020.

Based on Art. 6a COVID-19 act 2 the board has decided that the General Assembly will be held in late summer or autumn of 2020 either in the familiar manner in a pub or as an online assembly. We will inform you about the exact date in due course.

We sincerely hope that the situation will be calm enough by then, so that we can celebrate a happy reunion.

If a real assembly won’t still be aloud or too risky because of health issues we will held an online assembly.

Stay safe and take care! You’ll never walk alone!

Board CSC Switzerland

Paving Stone on the Celtic Way

Dear all

Thanks to your donation for the CSC Switzerland paving stone, I could already order the stone last year and much more important, I was able to transfer CHF 430.– (£318) to the Celtic Foundation today!!

I keep you informed when the stone is installed.

Thanks again for your support for the good cause.

CELTIC – MORE THAN A CLUB – and so is CSC Switzerland


Hail, Hail!


President CSC Switzerland


CSC Switzerland donates to Christmas appeal

On tuesday we donated money to Swiss Christmas appeal «Jeder Rappen zählt» – and Swiss Radio SRF 3 played Just can’t get enough as a wee thank you. Here you can listen to the last seconds of it, including the comment from the Radio presenter Fabio Nay. Hail, Hail!

We were having a party in the Champions League

Roughly 300km was the ride in the green bus, that took us to the promised beer land. Weissbier, Brezn and Weisswurst was up for the next few days – and one hell of a party! Celtic was about to play their 3rd group stage match in Munich, which is a very short ride for us Fondue Fenians to see the mighty Hoops play. Obviously, a few of us got some days off at work and were up to enjoy one of the best away trips ever – at least for me, Stevie, it was a highly enjoyable one.

Supply on the road – last NOT Weissbier seen for 2 days.

Arriving in Munich on Tuesday afternoon, it was all about getting started easily. And getting the tickets sorted. In the evening, we enjoyed the concerts of Glasnevin and Co at the “Backstage” München.

I didn’t count the amount of Weissbier we enjoyed throughout the trip, but I am sure all Celtic fans together drank more than most Oktoberfest visitors over several days. On match day, Marienplatz, the main square in Munich, was covered in in Green & White and bottles. – And flags.


Our wee flag on show on Marienplatz.

Marienplatz covered with tims.

Then, it was time to leave Marienplatz behind us and go to the stadium. The subway trains were crowded with a mix of both groups of fans and the Celtic fans were having a party (again!) in the U-Bahn – probably a bit too much, as the train couldn’t move for 20 minutes. But as friendly as we are, we shared beers with strangers, gave them our scarves and badges and won new friends, even an old Munich fan, who said he had never seen something like the Hoops fans before in his life. He left for the stadium with a bright smile and saying he will be a Celtic fan from this day on – mission accomplished. 🙂

The Allianz Arena is stunning! When you leave the subway you need to walk 1km+ and the red enlighted stadium gets closer and closer. The tension rises with every meter you get closer. Entering the stadium (built by Herzog & De Meuron, Swiss architects, btw.) you will be left stunned. It’s huge and well organized (yes, we are in Germany). Because of the problems in the subway we got there late, missed kick-off by some minutes, so the fans were already in full voice, so we joined in.


The Allianz Arena from outside.

Stunning – ‘nough said!

The away section.

Celtic lost 0-3, which, in my eyes, wasn’t too bad and better than expected before the match. We should have scored though. But all in all it was a good performance, with some bad minutes in the first half and good ones in the second. The atmosphere in the away section was great. And with Celtic’s good second half performance it got even better. Dancing, singing – having a party in the Champions League!

After the match, we were allowed to leave the stadium immediately – which is unusual! Outside, the atmosphere was friendly and on the subway back into the city centre the party continued. Well, not only in the subway…

In the metro station Marienplatz after the match – Grace being belted out in full voice.


It was a wonderful trip to a beautiful city. We met many old friends, but many new ones as well. Thanks very much to all who made it a brilliant trip for the Fondue Fenians!! See yous on tour!

Hail, Hail!

BTW: The bus trip home was a very silent one.. 🙂


Some kind words The Celtic blog wrote about us and the Celticfans:

“Today I met some of the most amazing people ever, including the Bhoys of Switzerland.

I am going to tell you some stories about them, and their passion for our club, tomorrow or the day after.

They are inspirational.

All of these supporters are. The collection of tales about how fans got here and the lengths some of them went to – phenomenal.

And you know what? Whatever happens in the game, our club is world class because these guys are world class.

Never been so proud to be a Celtic fan, I mean it.

It’ll be time to go to the game shortly; the result is now the least important thing about the trip.

This is my first European away match.

It will not be my last.

In terms of feeding the soul, as it were, this trip has been off the scale.

What a club we are.”

James Forrest – author the Celtic blog

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