Celtic Supporters Club Switzerland

CSC Switzerland was founded 2003 leading to many successful years in connecting Tims in and around Switzerland. The group has always endured to have members representing CSC Switzerland at Celtic games and parties.

In 2013 our now president Markus Schwarzentrub has embarked on gathering old and new members and the club was officially reformed in spring 2014. As part of the new founded CSC, benefits are numeorus. Season tickets at Parkhead, logistical advice and a family network. Our Season tickets, in the spirit of Celtics foundation of chartiy, if not used by our members, are then donated to fellow tims who can’t afford going to the games.

Annually we have parties, concerts, hiking tours, matchdays in Parkhead and all around Europe. Past projects were visiting the friendly Villareal – Celtic in September 2014 and the Celtic Submari Villareal Fanclub. Our aim ist to be present at international Supporters conventions to connect and represent our prestigous Celtic Supporters Club Switzerland globally.

New projects are to visit as many cities of Switzerland as possible to find new Celtic friends and welcome them to our family. If you know Celticfans living in Switzerland, give us a shout, please! Further we want to have a new range of marchandising to offer to our members and organize travellings to Celtic Park.

Name of the CSC:                                                           
Celtic Supporters Club Switzerland (also known as the “Fondue Fenians”)

First founded in:                                                              2003 (active until ~ 2009)
Refounded in:                                                                
2013 refounded by Markus Schwarzentrub, Heinz Nacht, Steven Krucker, André Bomater, Stephanie Galloni

- To support our beloved Celtic Football Club in all possible ways
- To provide a social platform for interaction between all Celtic fans in and around Switzerland
- Organise events, concerts and travel arrangements for our members, friends & families

Members (2022):                                                            
About 100 members, 80 in Switzerland, 20 all over the world (from Canada, Germany, Ireland, Scotland, England, Australia, Spain)

Do you do charity work:                                                
CSC Switzerland is very active in charity work. Beside our yearly support of the Celtic foundation, we are collecting money for projects in
Switzerland. We are organizing charity concerts in Switzerland to support various institutions and projects.

General Meeting and Refounding, Spring 2014

Our president Markus, member Fanny and Webmaster Stevie on Villareal CF TV before the charity match – September 2014: