Season Opening Hike – Report

We had a lovely day on our season opening hike 2017 in beautiful Central Switzerland. 6 members met in Luzern at the train station at 9am (yes, early start…) and 2 more joined us in Küssnacht am Rigi (sounds a wee bit like Killie, that’s why we did chose it… aye, Heinz was drunk that day…). There we made a short hike to the Hohle Gasse, where Wilhelm Tell shot Vogt Gessler (history lesson can be taken further down on this blog). Back to the village of Küssnacht we boarded on the MS Titlis and did enjoy an hour on lake Vierwaldstätter (for Heinz: Lake Lucerne).

Arrived back in Luzern we went to the Shamrock Pub and set everything up for the Kilmarnock-Celtic match. The match itself wasn’t the best in history, but the focus was set on having a great time together anyway – which was loads of fun.

Here some of the impressions of our Season Opening Hike 2017:

The legend of William Tell
At a time soon after the opening of the Gotthard Pass, when the Habsburg emperors of Vienna sought to control Uri and thus control trans-Alpine trade, a new bailiff, Hermann Gessler, was despatched to Altdorf. The proud mountain folk of Uri had already joined with their Schwyzer and Nidwaldner neighbours at Rütli in pledging to resist the Austrians’ cruel oppression, and when Gessler raised a pole in the central square of Altdorf and perched his hat on the top, commanding all who passed before it to bow in respect, it was the last straw. William Tell, a countryman from nearby Bürglen, either hadn’t heard about Gessler’s command or chose to ignore it; whichever, he walked past the hat without bowing. Gessler seized Tell, who was well known as a marksman, and set him a challenge. He ordered him to shoot an apple off his son’s head with his crossbow; if Tell was successful, he would be released, but if he failed or refused, both he and his son would die.
The boy’s hands were tied. Tell put one arrow in his quiver and another in his crossbow, took aim, and shot the apple clean off his son’s head. Gessler was impressed and infuriated – and then asked what the second arrow was for. Tell looked the tyrant in the eye and replied that if the first arrow had struck the child, the second would have been for Gessler. For such impertinence, Tell was arrested and sentenced to lifelong imprisonment in the dungeons of Gessler’s castle at Küssnacht, northeast of Luzern. During the long boat journey a violent storm arose on the lake, and the oarsmen – unfamiliar with the lake – begged with Gessler to release Tell so that he could steer them to safety. Gessler acceded, and Tell cannily manoeuvred the boat close to the shore, then leapt to freedom, landing on a flat rock (the Tellsplatte) and simultaneously pushing the boat back into the stormy waters.
Determined to see his task through and use the second arrow, Tell hurried to Küssnacht. As Gessler and his party walked along on a dark lane called Hohlegasse on their way to the castle, Tell leapt out, shot a bolt into the tyrant’s heart and melted back into the woods to return to Uri. His comrades were inspired by Tell’s act of bravery to throw off the yoke of Habsburg oppression in their homeland, and to remain forever free.
Do you want to know more about it? Here you will find the whole Saga.

Season Opening Hike 2017






Saturday, 19th August 2017, Season “opening” hike

  • Meeting point: 9:00 am Lucerne main station, track 9
  • Train leaving 9:06 (S3, direction Brunnen), arrival 9:25 in Küssnacht am Rigi (second possibility to meet)
  • Short hike (about 1 hour) from Küssnacht train station via Hohle Gasse and the ruins of the castle of Gessler ( to the ship station in Küssnacht
  • Ship leaving 10:55, arrival in Lucerne 11:53
  • Walk to the Shamrock Irish Pub, Lucerne (
  • Decorating the pub and getting yourselves prepared for the game vs. Kilmarnacht (Küssnock), kick-off: 13:30

Costs: CHF 27.- for the ship (1/2-Tax/GA are fully valid) + CHF 8.60 for the train Lucerne – Küssnacht (full price) + any ticket to/from Lucerne. For members living in Switzerland: Check the availability of Tages-GA Gemeinde (normally CHF 51.–) at your communal administration. For non-Swiss members interested: please contact Hene, so that we can take care of this issue and get you a daily ticket.

DON’T MISS THIS EVENT! Please let us know, if you’re joining us, so that we can bring enough (cooled) provisions for the hike (it will be hot, the doctors say, you need to drink enough, when it’s hot… 😉 ). You can do this by text/WhatsApp to Hene or any other board member, mail, online on our Facebook page/group, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media platform we’re on, letter, carrier pigeon or smoke signals etc. But best would be the first three possibilities. 😉

NAFCSC Celtic Convention Las Vegas 2017

From the 4th until the 11th of June, the North American Celtic Supporters Federation (NAFCSC) organised a convention for all Celtic Supporters from all over the world. CSC Switzerland was represented by president Markus, vice-president Heinz, the members Lenny and Fanny and the non-members (but girlfriends of Hene and Lenny) Daniela and Tina. After a wee 2-weeks-trip around California (see pics), we arrived at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, one block off the Strip, on the 4th of June, while the weather was not quite Scottish (sunny, completely dry and 40°C)…

Around 4.000 Celtic fans stayed in the 3.261 rooms of the hotel, and at the “International Bar” there were never less than around 30 Tims (24 hours a day!). Therefore, the Pool Party on Tuesday got really (really!) crowded, as you can imagine. At times, you couldn’t even see the water in the pool and the hotel staff was just not able to keeping up the beer and ice supply for bars in the pool area… Nevertheless, probably almost nobody kept sober. The NAFCSC had one hut at the pool set up as stage for music, so that we could celebrate our Celtic music heritage. Even hotel staff learned a few songs! J It was just incredible! By the way: The water in the pool got never dark blue (as in the film “Grown Ups”), but was probably around 50% beer at the end of the party…

On Thursday, we went to watch the documentary film “Anyone but Celtic” by Paul Larkin. The opinions about the film within the present members are still not agreed. In the evening, the Green Night took place. We re-met a couple of old and some new friends, which was very nice, as always. Brian Warfield and the Young Wolfetones did a great job on the stage and all the crowd was singing, drinking, celebrating and enjoying themselves. What a night!

We left out the Golf Day, as no one of us plays golf, the Cabaret Night (both on Wednesday; instead, we took a trip to the incredibly impressive Grand Canyon), the Gala Dinner Dance on Friday (which was quite formal) and also the Pub Night on Saturday, as we had our 11-hour-flight back home on Sunday night and had to get our stuff packed and get some rest. After three weeks in a beautiful country with generally nice people (nevertheless, Trump is still a cunt), we were back in Switzerland on Monday afternoon. It was an impressive trip and we will be telling stories about it for a long time. And we do strongly recommend a visit at the NAFCSC convention to every Celtic fan. The convention next year will be held in Toronto, it was said.

Pictures from road trip


Lots of fun and new friends at Letzi Cup 2017

CSC Switzerland for the first time ever took part in a fanclub tournament. Letzi Cup 2017 this year took part for the 38th time. We enjoyed our time in Zurich very much, the tournament was very well organized, the teams played fair and there was even time & space for friendship photos and giving handicapped players the chance to play alongside their team mates.

CSCS became 10th out of 16 teams. We started well, won 2 out of 2 and by noon had won 3 out of 5 matches. Sadly we ate too much and then lost the next 3 group matches.

Playing another two matches for the end ranking we won the first clearly (3-0), but then lost 1-2 end missed out on place 9.

A special thank goes to Paddy McGuire who specially travelled over from Liverpool to play with us!

We look forward to the 2018 version! Hail, Hail!


38rd Letzi Cup – Fanclub tournament with CSC Switzerland

Hi folks!

We have great news! With the help of Paddy, who joins us from oversea, we completed a team for the Letzi Cup to compete for the famous fanclub cup! 

If you want to join our team, write to Stevie. But what we still need is a big group of supporters! So join us for a lovely day and support the CSCS for the first time in football action! 

Sportplatz Juchhof II, Zürich

8 am – 5 pm

The following supporters clubs take part:

  • VfB Stuttgart Fanclub Mondgucker
  • VfB Stuttgart Fanclub RWS Berkheim
  • Hertha BSC Berlin Freunde Berlin Süd
  • FC. Winterthur Fanatics 2008
  • SC. Kriens Supporters
  • FC. Bayern München Fanclub Zürich
  • Arsenal FC Fanclub Switzerland
  • FC. Zürich Fanclub Tigers
  • FC. Zürich Fanclub Letzi
  • Inter Club Zofingen
  • FC. Basel Fanclub Basilisk
  • FC. Zürich Team Immerblau
  • FC. Zürich Team Füürloie
  • Celtic Supporters Club Switzerland
  • FC. Wil Fanclub Sektor D
  • FC. Wil Fanclub Black Bears
  • BVB Dortmund Swiss Crew
  • GC Fanclub Eastboys

All info on their official website:

Hail, Hail!



Celtic vs. “Them” – 12th March at McArthurs Thun

We will be watching the game versus the zombies (k.o. 13:00 CET) in McArthur’s Pub Thun this time.

Thanks to Tony, we will pay only CHF 5.– for every pint between 12:00 and 13:00.

The pub will be open from 11:30.

Join us there, as it might even be the champions decider! If not, it will at least most probably be the last nail in their coffin (only in their hopes for the title!)…


General Meeting 2017

The annual general meeting will take place on Saturday, 8th of april at Aareheim, Langmauerweg 11, Bern! It’d be great to see as many of you guys as possible! We will publish further info in the next week! Hail, Hail!


  • 13:30 arrival
  • 14:00 GM
  • 16:00 Celtic vs. Kilmarnock live on Celtic TV

Will you take part? Send your yes/no to marcus(at) till the 3rd of April. Thanks & HH

Newsletter 2/2016

Hail, Hail dear member!

Our second season together is over and it was a sheer pleasure to share this experience with you. We hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did and that you are ready to spend the next one in our company.
As you may know if you were present at the AGM last May, some changes occurred in our internal structure: committee member Beat Glarner left us while André Bomatter and Robert France joined the board. Our tasks have been rearranged as follow:

  • Markus: President and tickets manager
  • Heinz: Vice-president and trips / journeys coordinator
  • Steph: Finances and merchandising
  • André: Secretary / Actuary and legal advisor
  • Stevie: IT / communication / social media
  • Rob: Technical support / Mechanics of the web

the new committee thanks you for your trust and is really looking forward to working together to accompany you throughout next season and to offer you some fantastic moments. And what a season it’s going to be! 2016/2017 will be at the CSC Switzerland better and more active than last year: for example, we are planning to deliver you an Online Shop with new merchandising items (yes, really); a few trips abroad for the Champions League games; many events in Switzerland; some trips to Scotland (of course!) and even a trip to Las Vegas next June! The first highlight is going to be the “Season opening weekend” on the 6th-7th August though (see flyer). We will of course keep you informed about each project throughout the year.
One thing is already done and secure: we’ve just renewed our two CSC Switzerland’s season tickets at Celtic Park! That’s the guarantee to offer you unforgettable moments in Glasgow. Due to the return of the Rangers in the Premiership, the demand for the Old Firms is going to be very important and to avoid fights between us and unfair treatments we are introducing new season tickets regulations. Please read them and contact us if you have any question.
Do you fancy another season in our company and take advantage of our club? Then you must know that each CSC Switzerland’s member has to pay an annual fee (this was decided at the AGM and is written in our statutes). This fee allows us to buy the season tickets and to cover our various administrative costs during the year. The amount to pay depends of the chosen member category as follow:

Jimmy Johnstone (active, priority for tickets) CHF 50
Henrik Larsson (active) CHF 30
Neil Lennon (passive) CHF 20
Mini-hoops (for children U-16) free

A payment slip is enclosed and the annual fee is to be paid before the 5th August. Thank you very much for paying on time and for your further support. Feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries at

If you want to attend the first Old Firm game next September at Celtic Park, please inform us until the 31.07.2016 at or 079 770 44 81. Only register if you seriously plan to go to the match. The tickets will be allocated as described in the new Tickets Rules inclosed.

We wish you a fantastic Celtic season, a lovely summer and fun watching the Euros.

CSC Switzerland’s committee




Steph on TV

Last 20th November our board member Steph had been seen on TVs all around Switzerland – okay.. on the Romandie!

Anyway, she was portrayed by the RTS and thank to our club soul Steph the CSC Switzerland came under the spotlight along with her and got a nice advertising by the Swiss french TV.


If you want to see the whole broadcast, then check it out on the website. Search for «Au-dessus de la mêlée». Otherwise you’ll soon find the link and a short part of it on our website! Great piece of TV, Steph!



Newsletter 3/2015

Here it is, our third and last newsletter of 2015! Enjoy the reading! Hoopy Christmas and a Hoopy New Year from all at CSC Switzerland! Hail,Hail!



Newsletter_3_2015_1 Newsletter_3_2015_2

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CSC Switzerland trip to Parkhead

On the 27.12.2014 some of our members will be travelling to Glasgow for watching Celtic at Parkhead against Ross County. We would like to offer all members and friends the opportunity to get tickets and travel with us. Please give us feedback until 23.11.2014 otherwise it will be too late! Those who’d like to join and ask for tickets have to keep word and will have to pay the organized tickets. Our season tickets are already reserved and can’t be used. Flights and hotel arrangements have to be taken on your own. Most of us fly on the 26th and return on the 29th.

Recommended hotels:
Babbity Bowster, Blackfriars St.Glasgow (only a few rooms), about 50-65 £ a night
Merchant City Inn, Virginia Street, about 70 £ a nights

Your CSC Switzerland board,

Hail, Hail!

Am 27.12.2014 werden einige Member des CSCS das Spiel gegen Ross County besuchen. Bitte bis 23.11.2014 Bescheid geben, wer interesse hat und für wen wir Tickets organisieren sollen. Wer sich anmeldet und bei uns Tickets bestellt, muss diese auch bezahlen. Momentan sind beide Season-Tickets bereits in Verwendung (reserviert). Flug und Hotel muss jeder selber schauen. An- und Abreise sind individuell. Einige fliegen am 26.12. hin und am 29.12. zurück.

Mögliche Unterkunfstvorschläge:
Babbity Bowster, Blackfriars St. Glasgow (nur sehr wenige, einfache Zimmer), ca. 50 – 65£ pro Zimmer
Merchant City Inn, Virginia Street, ca 70 £ pro Nacht

Euer CSCS Vorstand,

Hail, Hail!

Season Tickets have arrived!

We are very happy to announce that our 2 season tickets have arrived! On the 13th of September will be the first home game where we can use them. The tickets are in good company of our dear friends Martin and Brian in Scotland and they will meet up with any member of us to give them the tickets and collect them afterwards. If the tickets aren’t used by our members Martin and Brian will look for Celtic fans who can’t afford tickets or just give them to friends. On that I want to give them way an official THANK YOU MATES! As well we’d like to thank McArthurs Pubs who helped us financially to buy the tickets! Thanks Tony and Gary! Hail Hail!

PS: Seats are in the green section on the Stadium plan