St. Gallen is Green and White – or the Discovery of New Capos?

It was a hot Tuesday in Switzerland, when a fenian bus left Schwarzenburg (Blackburry) to collect several creatures, all dressed in green and white. They came in their dozens from all over Switzerland and had origins in Switzerland, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Italy and probably even more. The bus, organised by the CSC Switzerland, left Blackburry on the 2nd of July 2019 at a quarter to noon and picked up Fondue Fenians and old and new friends in different places (Schwarzenburg, Berne, Wangen an der Aare and Zurich) to finally reach St. Gallen by 3:15 in the afternoon.

Once in St. Gallen, we all immediately headed down to “The Irish Pub Brühltor”, where our very own StevieBhoy setup the stage to perform some Irish folk- and also a load of Celtic-songs. As our board member André (El Commandante) had written a little guide to St. Gallen, there were also other Bhoys and Ghirls in the pub, not just us.

Even though St. Gallen (their football club) is green and white itself, it was green and white even more on that day. The pub was decorated with flags from different countries and of different CSCs. Everybody enjoyed the fun, the music and the drinks. As the game was about to be kicked off by 7:30 pm, all the bhoys and ghirls (I’d say 50+ people) left the pub around 6 pm to head out to the Kybunpark, the stadium of FC St. Gallen. As the public transport is included in the match ticket, we all took public buses. Singing during the entire journey, we were very much of an attraction to the locals commuting home after work or the FCSG fans taking the same journey as we did.

At the stadium, the stewards, security personnel and the local fans were very friendly, quite a bit of a surprise, honestly, as St. Gallen is known in Switzerland for its very strict security concept. We all (CSC Switzerland took care of at least 65 tickets) joined the other Hoops-fans in the away end, hung out our flags and enjoyed the spirit of the Celtic family. Sure enough, we sang the ever so necessary hymn “YNWA” by our own (we don’t need it being played by a DJ). The game started and ended quite uneventfully with a 0:0 draw, even though Edouard missed a penalty kick and Jozo Simunovic was sent off. Not all in our end even noticed…

Much to the joy of the local audience and the commentators in Swiss pay-TV, we sang not only “Happy Birthday” to FC St. Gallen, which has it’s 140th anniversary this year. Not only that, but most of the time sang and cheered our team, led by our Toblerone Tims StevieBhoy (who literally almost never stopped singing from the time getting onboard of the bus in Zurich until leaving it) and Boab, who were both showing their ambitions to becoming new capos for the Green Brigade …

The trip to St. Gallen was, once again, absolutely great! We met old and new friends (special hello and welcome to the newly founded CSC Lecco from Lake Como, Italy) and enjoyed a brilliant day with the Celtic family! We’ve been asked dozens of times, how comes, that a Swiss becomes a Celtic fan. Everybody who ever joined such an event will know why. It’s that simple!

Hail hail bhoys and ghirls! See you on the road!


“members on tour” – Leipzig away






Leipzig away – it was a good time. I can’t remember too many things though, but thankfully I found some pictures. Here we go:

That obviously was a joke. The whole trip was fantastic. As usual meeting old and new friends was the best part of it. But as it was in Germany the beer actually was top of the list as well. And as usual Celtic’s performance was – well let’s say it diplomatic – just average.

The city of Leipzig is beautiful (see pics above) and is well known for concerts and conventions. But the lovely old town is an attraction of its own. Specially one small alley was basically green and white for 48h+: The Barfussgässchen – the bare foot alley.

On matchday the main square, the market square, was crowded with celtic fans. Drinks, singing and ball games were the centre of the attention until the big corteo to Bullen Arena started. Around 6-7’000 fans went on the walk. Instead of 45min duration it took us 1:30h because of bad policing. This lead to panic in front of the stadium as all the fans wanted to enter in between of 40min. Noting serious happened thankfully, but fans entered the stadium up to 30min after the game had started.

The match in short form: We played well 30min, we lost two stupid goals. The fans stopped singing. After the break: There was a big party in the away section (and next to it). The teams still went on playing 45min.

After the match we actually got a few busses to bring the fans back to town. There we drank nice German beer on the terrace of a Bavarian (yes!) restaurant till the early morning hours – and we didn’t stop singing and dancing neither.

Another great trip that I won’t forget about. Another away trip that I didn’t see the team showing it’s potential. But who cares in the end, when you meet people you love from near and far.

Hail, Hail!


Season Opening Hike – Report

We had a lovely day on our season opening hike 2017 in beautiful Central Switzerland. 6 members met in Luzern at the train station at 9am (yes, early start…) and 2 more joined us in Küssnacht am Rigi (sounds a wee bit like Killie, that’s why we did chose it… aye, Heinz was drunk that day…). There we made a short hike to the Hohle Gasse, where Wilhelm Tell shot Vogt Gessler (history lesson can be taken further down on this blog). Back to the village of Küssnacht we boarded on the MS Titlis and did enjoy an hour on lake Vierwaldstätter (for Heinz: Lake Lucerne).

Arrived back in Luzern we went to the Shamrock Pub and set everything up for the Kilmarnock-Celtic match. The match itself wasn’t the best in history, but the focus was set on having a great time together anyway – which was loads of fun.

Here some of the impressions of our Season Opening Hike 2017:

The legend of William Tell
At a time soon after the opening of the Gotthard Pass, when the Habsburg emperors of Vienna sought to control Uri and thus control trans-Alpine trade, a new bailiff, Hermann Gessler, was despatched to Altdorf. The proud mountain folk of Uri had already joined with their Schwyzer and Nidwaldner neighbours at Rütli in pledging to resist the Austrians’ cruel oppression, and when Gessler raised a pole in the central square of Altdorf and perched his hat on the top, commanding all who passed before it to bow in respect, it was the last straw. William Tell, a countryman from nearby Bürglen, either hadn’t heard about Gessler’s command or chose to ignore it; whichever, he walked past the hat without bowing. Gessler seized Tell, who was well known as a marksman, and set him a challenge. He ordered him to shoot an apple off his son’s head with his crossbow; if Tell was successful, he would be released, but if he failed or refused, both he and his son would die.
The boy’s hands were tied. Tell put one arrow in his quiver and another in his crossbow, took aim, and shot the apple clean off his son’s head. Gessler was impressed and infuriated – and then asked what the second arrow was for. Tell looked the tyrant in the eye and replied that if the first arrow had struck the child, the second would have been for Gessler. For such impertinence, Tell was arrested and sentenced to lifelong imprisonment in the dungeons of Gessler’s castle at Küssnacht, northeast of Luzern. During the long boat journey a violent storm arose on the lake, and the oarsmen – unfamiliar with the lake – begged with Gessler to release Tell so that he could steer them to safety. Gessler acceded, and Tell cannily manoeuvred the boat close to the shore, then leapt to freedom, landing on a flat rock (the Tellsplatte) and simultaneously pushing the boat back into the stormy waters.
Determined to see his task through and use the second arrow, Tell hurried to Küssnacht. As Gessler and his party walked along on a dark lane called Hohlegasse on their way to the castle, Tell leapt out, shot a bolt into the tyrant’s heart and melted back into the woods to return to Uri. His comrades were inspired by Tell’s act of bravery to throw off the yoke of Habsburg oppression in their homeland, and to remain forever free.
Do you want to know more about it? Here you will find the whole Saga.

NAFCSC Celtic Convention Las Vegas 2017

From the 4th until the 11th of June, the North American Celtic Supporters Federation (NAFCSC) organised a convention for all Celtic Supporters from all over the world. CSC Switzerland was represented by president Markus, vice-president Heinz, the members Lenny and Fanny and the non-members (but girlfriends of Hene and Lenny) Daniela and Tina. After a wee 2-weeks-trip around California (see pics), we arrived at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, one block off the Strip, on the 4th of June, while the weather was not quite Scottish (sunny, completely dry and 40°C)…

Around 4.000 Celtic fans stayed in the 3.261 rooms of the hotel, and at the “International Bar” there were never less than around 30 Tims (24 hours a day!). Therefore, the Pool Party on Tuesday got really (really!) crowded, as you can imagine. At times, you couldn’t even see the water in the pool and the hotel staff was just not able to keeping up the beer and ice supply for bars in the pool area… Nevertheless, probably almost nobody kept sober. The NAFCSC had one hut at the pool set up as stage for music, so that we could celebrate our Celtic music heritage. Even hotel staff learned a few songs! J It was just incredible! By the way: The water in the pool got never dark blue (as in the film “Grown Ups”), but was probably around 50% beer at the end of the party…

On Thursday, we went to watch the documentary film “Anyone but Celtic” by Paul Larkin. The opinions about the film within the present members are still not agreed. In the evening, the Green Night took place. We re-met a couple of old and some new friends, which was very nice, as always. Brian Warfield and the Young Wolfetones did a great job on the stage and all the crowd was singing, drinking, celebrating and enjoying themselves. What a night!

We left out the Golf Day, as no one of us plays golf, the Cabaret Night (both on Wednesday; instead, we took a trip to the incredibly impressive Grand Canyon), the Gala Dinner Dance on Friday (which was quite formal) and also the Pub Night on Saturday, as we had our 11-hour-flight back home on Sunday night and had to get our stuff packed and get some rest. After three weeks in a beautiful country with generally nice people (nevertheless, Trump is still a cunt), we were back in Switzerland on Monday afternoon. It was an impressive trip and we will be telling stories about it for a long time. And we do strongly recommend a visit at the NAFCSC convention to every Celtic fan. The convention next year will be held in Toronto, it was said.

Pictures from road trip


Glasgow November 2015

A bunch of CSCS-members went to Glasgow for the game against Kilmarnock.
Many of them travelled on their own or had already been in Edinburgh / Glasgow the day before. Finally, we all gathered at Babbity’s where we met many other friends. In the end we were about 15 persons (Swiss, Spanish, Basque, Scottish, Irish, Japanese). After a quiet Friday, we met our honorary member Martin and we handed him a wee present over – a fondue set, with a personalized steel sheet.
The same set was made for Brian as well. Unfortunately he couldn’t join us this time, because of his health condition.

Afterwards we headed off to Paradise and watched a poor 0:0. The Bhoys were not able to score any goal. But all in all it was a cozy afternoon @ Celtic Park.

After the game and a few beers at Kerrydale Suite, we moved on to the highlight of the night: The Wolfetones concert @ Barrowlands. The venue was sold out and it was good craic!

On Sunday some flew back to Switzerland, others relaxed, and a few did a stadium tour.

It was a fantastic weekend with fantastic people in a fantastic city! We will organize another trip like this in the next months. So please keep yourself informed!

Marcus – president CSCS

“Oh Molde in the rain..”

Early morning on the 21st October we started from Zurich with Helvetic Airways to Oslo. While some of us preferred to sleep, some played cards. Arrived in Oslo we were surprised by beautiful rainy and windy weather. Therefore, our traditional “Cultural Celtic Supporters Day” was shortened to seeing a bit of Oslo, like the Kings house and the harbour. After that we were soaked and decided to get a first pint. Surprise, the pints were more expensive than in Switzerland. For us a totally new experience.

We went on to pick up our friends Pat and Jill at the station and drinking some pints at Olso Sports Bar, where the local Celtic fans uusally meet up. And ended the day in The Dubliners Pub with loads of Tims and quite good live Irish music.

Early in the morning we travelled to Oslo airport and then to Molde. What a beautiful view we got over the incredible landscapes of Molde from the airplane! In between of 10 minutes two airplanes full of Celtic fans arrived and tried to get all in one bus.. well logically this didn’t work and some had to wait. In Molde town everything was still closed except 1-2 restaurants. So we headed for breakfast and beer.

From 2 onwards the pubs opened and matchday atmosphere spread more and more. The Celtic fans mostly enjoyed the 1910 Puben, the local Molde fans pub.  We had a great time ( and at some point Ronny even walked the 3 min way from the Stadium to the Hotel. The fans quickly realized and the pub was empty in between of 30 seconds. Ronny took his time to take some pictures and have a chat.

Some hours ago after we got a small stadium tour by ourselves (we asked one Steward if we can enter and have a look around) I ran back to the stadium as I heard that the Celtic team is doing a round at the harbour at the stadium. I met Broony, Gordon and Fasan. The Captain replied to my “Can I please have a picture with yous, I travelled over from Switzerland to see the Hoops playing.” With “have you been jogging here from Switzerland, eh?!” doing a typical broony-banter. Gratefully they took me some pictures too.

It was time for the match. Of course it was pouring down again, especially for the game. We went early and they wouldn’t let us in with the banners and although they took us out of the rain and placed the Celtic fans with no away tickets all together in the balcony, they split the fans in two groups. We couldn’t hear each other sing. It was a pitty, just like the game. Celtic played dreadful. Molde only played counter football, but at least with skill and passion. The home support was stunned by the Celtic fans, but after the first goal started singing too. The Molde fans were very nice with us, as well as the club stewards.

I better stop talking about the game at this point, but all in all it was a normal Celtic European away game – horrific.

After some pints in the hotel lobby and dried cloths the mood got back and we all enjoyed some good hours talking with fellow Celts and some Molde fans. Some even gave us their scarves and blankets (?). Great people. Thanks for the good time 🙂

The next morning we’ve been surprised by our friend Gary Patrick Mullen, who replayed the “Commons incident” in a genius way and placed in on Facebook. I shared it on our page and it went totally viral.

A good and funny end to an amazing trip in a beautiful country! I will be back to Norway, no question. With or without Celtic, but surely prideful wearing the Hoops.

Hail, Hail!


Eibar SD – Celtic, 19.07.2015

Fanny and Küsä were heading off to Eibar (Basque-Country, Spain) for the friendly game on the weekend of july 18th. It was Eibar SD’s 75 birthday. We met there many of our friends from Spain and Martin & Gill from Scotland. A big thankyou to Maureen, who organized nearly everything!


We arrived on Friday and after a speed-bar-crowl (7 or 8 bars in one hour) we finally settle down in a nice bar where we have good talks with old and new friends.

Weather was fantastic, beer cold  (for 5 minutes), and it was a pleasure to take part at the festivities on the main place, where we were letting our flag fly. Rebels and Celtic songs habe been played and we could watch bit of the basque-style of the “Highland-Games”.


The game wasn’t that bad and Celtic comfortably won 4:1. Ambrose and Griffiths (with a hattrick) were the Celtic goal scorers. Bailly saved a penalty aswell. After the game we had a fantastic time in the city center with Celtic supporters and members of the Eibar supporters club which is named “ESKOZIA LA BRAVA” (Scotland the brave). Could not have matched better!


On Sunday, Gonso guided us to different spots at the Basque-coast. We finally ended up in Hondarribia (next to the French boarder / San Sebastian-Airport). Very nice village and the right place to relax, before we were flying back the next day to Basel.


It was another fantastic trip, with many stories to tell! Looking forward to the next trips!

Eskerrik asko & Agur

Fanny & Küsä


The Inter week

My journey started on Wednesday 18th of February. Early in the morning I travelled via Luzern, Olten to Basel. In Olten Beat „Bob“ joined me and we did take an EasyShit flight to Edinburgh. There we took the bus to Glasgow Buchanan Station. After checking in our Hotel (Travelodge City Centre) we headed for a first wee journey to Kilmarnock. Martin and his family awaited us for dinner. After enjoying the dinner together with them, a Spanish Celtic fan and Greg, a family friend and big Killie fan, we went to a local pub. After some rounds we headed back to Glasgow for the first big day.

On Thursday we met up with Martin and Carlos for having a bit of match day drinking. We went to Failté where we met Pascal and friends from the French CSC. Later we moved on to Babbicy Bewster and enjoyed Scottish meals and drinks. From there we went on to another Pub before heading to Parkhead.

The atmosphere was electric. It felt so good to be back home, to see the stadium. Each meter was a step closer to where I wanted to be every weekend, but obviously I can’t. So happiness and excitement floated through mine and Beat’s bodies. We couldn’t wait to go inside the stadium to sit on the CSCS’ seats.

After enjoying the fantastic pre match atmosphere we were blown away with the YNWA. What an experience it is each time you can hear, feel and see this song been sung at Parkhead.

The game started bad. After just 4 minutes swiss national player Shaqiri scored and Parkhead reacted fantastically by trying to give the players courage to hit back. It did come different: After 13 minutes Palacio scored a second and the stadium was silent. The fans were shocked and thanks to an superb pass form Matthews and the good finish from Armstrong after 24 minutes the hope was back and so was the singing and pushing by the supporters. And it helped to give Inter’s player a shock themselves as Armstrong scored the second in between 2 minutes, although the ball was deflected by Campagnaro and therefore given to the Italian as an owngoal. Paradise exploded and Celtic went on dominating most parts of the first half. Shortly before halftime it was Inter with their 3rd goal out of nothing. Campagnaro took advantage form a rare Gordon error and scored an easy 3rd for his team.

Celtic played on level with Inter during the second half and had chances. But Gordon was needed several times as Shaqiri stared the match with his skills and pace. Inter showed for a first time how good they can be in time wasting and diving too. Italian team are worldclass in that. It didn’t save them from conceding the equalizer after 93 minutes. Guidetti after a chip pass form Henderson volleyed home in front of my end. A fantastic goal, but it wasn’t the end. Shaqiri had a late freekick saved brilliantly by Gordon.

What a game it has been, what a night, a match to be remembered for years to come. And Celtic were left with a good chance for the away leg.

We went on drinking and partying till late. As usual. As we did on Friday too.

On Saturday Beat, Carlos and me enjoyed a trip to Edinburgh to watch Hibs taking the better of Dumbarton (3-0) and another night out in Glasgow.

Sunday is match day. So was it on that weekend. The second Celtic match for us in 4 days was a different one. It was one way traffic, but Celtic failed to score the first goal against Hamilton in the first half. Rain and wind showed us what cold and wet means, even sitting underneath the stadium roof. But we didn’t care as Celtic went on to score 4 in the second half and handing Beat a good bit of money thanks to a tip for a 4+ win from Celtic.

After the game we went back to Edinburgh and enjoyed the night there, although it was just for food and a shooooort sightseeing trip (we saw the Edinburgh castle and ladbrooker…).

The morning was all about getting home and getting back to normal life for at least 3 days.


On Wednesday morning I got up early again, it was time for my 3rd Celtic match in 8 days. By train I went to Bern where the other members awaited me in the train to Milano. The journey was lovely. Beautiful landscapes and nice people around me, just fantastic.

Arrived in Milan at around 11 we took the metro to Duomo square and searched our hotels. First fans already started covering the square. After check-in we directly headed to the square and placed our banners on the floor. Friends from all over the world came to say hi and we enjoyed quite a few beers. And some even a good bottle (or 2..) of red wine in a restaurant.

At around 5 we left Duomo Square and by metro we arrived near the stadium. The police wanted us to board busses but thankfully they hadn’t enough so we walked to the stadium, entered the away end without having tickets for that end (yes, we were surprised as well when the entrance turned green when scanning the tickets). Martin, Brian and Paddy already did place our banners in the first row so we found them easily. First row seats in the away end of Meazza? Not too bad…

The atmosphere was fantastic and the Celtic fans did make the team proud. And so did the team the travelled supporters. They played with passion and heart. Inter played on level, although Mackay-Stevens had the best chance till around 35 minutes were played. Then the dreadful ref showed a second yellow to VvD and it was a very very harsh one. Celtic tried their best, fighted, fired up by the fans, played great football and even created some good attacking moments. Gordon showed that he is one of the best keepers and saved the team 3-4 times from a 0-1. The ref went on showing yellow after yellow to Celtic, while the dives and tactical fouls from Inter mainly stayed ignored by the Slovakian Ref. He even showed Gordon a yellow for time wasting.. yes, time wasting from our goal keeper when we needed at least one goal.. while the Italian needed 2 minutes to sub 2 players. While they took every chance to fall, to complain and to asking for yellows for Celtic players. Inter players got 2 yellows in all the game. Guarin settled the game with his beautiful shot in the right hand corner from Gordon after 88 minutes. Seeing their superiority with 14 to 10 men it was a deserved win….

The fans went on partying and celebrating our team, even singing YNWA some minutes after full time and the Meazza fans waited outside to applaud us. Some fans swapped scarves, as i did. Their supporters generally showed class and fairplay. I want to wish their team good luck for the next rounds and the season, but i also hope that they stop their diving and complaining, as this is not a fair behaviour. Anyway, it is not the fans’ fault, so good luck to them!

After the match we walked away in direction of a metro station and ended up for a “Pete-Stop” at a mobile snack bar. After 2 hours we went on and in the city centre we eat good pizzas and drank wine / beer (again).

The next day we did a bit of “cultural CSC” and did a small sightseeing tour to the Duomo. Some even went upstairs with the elevator. After that we went for O’Connoll Pub and enjoyed a great afternoon with other Celtic supporters.

In the evening we took the train Bern and enjoyed our own mini bar.

On this point I want to thanks all my friends and all the Celtic Family. Special thanks to all my swiss and scottish friends who travelled with me and made me enjoying my trips to Glasgow and Milan. As well thanks to all the new and old faces I / we met on tour! Three Celtic matches in 8 days, something i will never forget!

Hail, Hail!


Salzburg – Celtic: Europa League Groupstage Match

Our 3rd trip in a short time was another success. Not only did Celtic win a point in a 2-2 draw thanks to goals from Captain Brown and new Bhoy Wakaso, but we also had a few fantastic days.

We started with an early train from Zurich HB on Thursday morning. After 5.5h we reached Salzburg and straight went to meet the other fans in the local irish Pub. To our suprise there were quite a few. We enjoyed the matchday athmosphere and around 6 p.m. we headed to the stadium where we met our friend Frannie to get our tickets. I then went directly to the stadium to put the banners up. The stewards were very nice and even helped me putting them on.

The game itself started with high tempo on the pitch and our set of fans were full voice for most of the game. Wakasos goal, a wonderful strike from outside the box, and Brooney’s deflected long strike where nice goals and we celebrated them heavily. Salzburg’s fans presented an “Ultra section”, but they prefered to sing about Red Bull instead of Salzburg. The home fans were a disappointment, specially the ones who told us they are supporting Red Bull but still are Austria fans.


Here a wee video of the Celticfans in Salzburg:


The night then ended in the same Pub with lot of singsong and having a good time until early in the morning.

On Friday we started our fecking Tourist day with exploring the old part of Salzburg and we went to the Castle up on the hill. I can recommend Salzburg as a city, it’s small but beautiful! Enjoy the photos! THe next day we headed back to Switzerland and trust me, the 5h on train were perfectly for taking a bed belated sleeping time.. 😉

All in all it was a fantastic trip and we met lots of new friends! Thanks to the Elgin Ches (CSC), Zurich guys Matt & Christoph, Frannie, Brian (for organizing the tickets) and all the tims!

Hail! Hail!



Villarreal – Celtic FC – Charity match and friendship week

Markus, Fanny and myself started our wee 4 days trip on the 2nd of September with getting on train to Geneva Airport. There we hit the international roads with a shitty EasyShit flight to Barcelona. Spanish fenian Gonso picked us up with his new car at Barcelona’s airport and we drove about 3.5h to Villarreal where we had a first positive shocker. When we walked into our hotel the whole Celtic team was waiting in the lobby, what lead to a “fucking hell” shout by myself. The team wasn’t too happy about having supporters in their hotel and just gave us a wee wave. Kayal at least was ready to take a picture with me (see below).

We then headed to town to the peña Celticsubmari, the clubhous of the local Celtic Supporters Club, where we were having chats with new and old friends from the Yellow Submarines. Some beers and sandwiches later we headed to bed for being ready for the matchday on the next day. And it was worth it! We started with some drinks at around 11, singing, dancing and meeting other Tims (just a few though) and having a great day. In the afternoon we were invited for a loads of beers, paella and were even interviewed by the Villarreal FC TV (see video)! Friendship at it’s best! Doing a march before kick off with the organized band wasn’t that bad either.. 😉

More videos can be found here and for game highlights click here!

After long discussions we even could take our flags inside and put it up (maybe you spotted it in the hihglights). We sang all the game, even started Villarreal songs as their fans didn’t start singing. The game itself wasn’t very good, but still nice because of the 6 goals we did see. And the best of it was the wee cancer patient who scored a nice goal (click here to watch)! This goal was shown all around the world! You got to love Villareal and their peña!

After the game we went on with having a good time, as we did the other day with a wee tour to Peñiscola, a neighbour village, plus having a last blast in Villarreal the night!

We want to thank Javier and David Vilar Blasco, Gonso, Dirk, all the new sottish and spanish friends and all we forgot for an great trip!

Hail, Hail!


CSC Switzerland hiking tour 2014

Our annual hiking tour started at around 11 a.m. at train station Ostermundingen. Our organizer & vice president Heinz had to answer the questions why he did choose Ostermundingen quite a lot as it is not really having a similar name to Dundee’s. His solution was suprisingly understandable… A neighbourhood of Ostermundingen is called “Dennigkofen” – spoken in Heinz’s accent –  it sounds close to “Dundeekofen”…. Well, we all believed him and then enjoyed a nice wee 1h walk to Bern. Next to the Bärengraben we then went to the “Altes Tramdepot” for having a nice homemade beer! After a pint we went on to Mr. Pickwick Pub and enjoyed a very SPFL-midclass performance of Celtic in their bad 1:1 draw to Dundee FC. Thank god Rik, the barkeeper of Piwi, was very nice to us and supplied us with chips, tacos and of course – some beer. All in all we had great day and enjoyed the first official hiking tour of our new formed CSC Switzerland. Thanks to all who took part!

Hail, Hail!


PS: Hoopy Birthday Martin ” Tinu” Amstutz! Thanks for all & all the best mate! “Oh Tinu Amstutz, Celtic loves you more than you’ll ever know! Ohohohoh..!”

St.Pauli – Celtic Friendly 25.07.2014

On the Weekend of 24 th to 26th of July a group of swiss Tims went to St.Pauli, Hamburg to meet up with friends from all over the world and enjoy St.Pauli, their club  and their Fans. As every year we had a blast of a weekend, met a lot of new people, had some beers and enjoyed a weak Celtic side losing 0-1 to St.Pauli. A weak side, but a side actually only playing with youth players. So the result actually isn’t even that bad for playing a Second Bundesliga team. Here you’ll find some picture of our weekend. Hail! Hail!

pauli 2014

pauli 2014

pauli 2014