“members on tour” – Leipzig away






Leipzig away – it was a good time. I can’t remember too many things though, but thankfully I found some pictures. Here we go:

That obviously was a joke. The whole trip was fantastic. As usual meeting old and new friends was the best part of it. But as it was in Germany the beer actually was top of the list as well. And as usual Celtic’s performance was – well let’s say it diplomatic – just average.

The city of Leipzig is beautiful (see pics above) and is well known for concerts and conventions. But the lovely old town is an attraction of its own. Specially one small alley was basically green and white for 48h+: The Barfussgässchen – the bare foot alley.

On matchday the main square, the market square, was crowded with celtic fans. Drinks, singing and ball games were the centre of the attention until the big corteo to Bullen Arena started. Around 6-7’000 fans went on the walk. Instead of 45min duration it took us 1:30h because of bad policing. This lead to panic in front of the stadium as all the fans wanted to enter in between of 40min. Noting serious happened thankfully, but fans entered the stadium up to 30min after the game had started.

The match in short form: We played well 30min, we lost two stupid goals. The fans stopped singing. After the break: There was a big party in the away section (and next to it). The teams still went on playing 45min.

After the match we actually got a few busses to bring the fans back to town. There we drank nice German beer on the terrace of a Bavarian (yes!) restaurant till the early morning hours – and we didn’t stop singing and dancing neither.

Another great trip that I won’t forget about. Another away trip that I didn’t see the team showing it’s potential. But who cares in the end, when you meet people you love from near and far.

Hail, Hail!