4th Xmas fundraising concert a success

Our annual fundraising Christmas concert on Saturday evening raised an incredible amount of 1500.- CHF for LEBEX- Fresspäckli -Gruppe CH-Lebensmittel für Menschen am Existenzminimum and Celtic FC Foundation. 🍀 CSC Switzerland donated 475.- CHF from the ticket sales. Thanks to everyone who donated, The Old City Irish Pub for hosting the fundraiser and contributing and board member Stevie for playing, contributing and organizing it. If you still want donate, feel free to contact one of the board members. Hail, Hail 🙌🍀🎄

New merchandising

To celebrate our 20 years anniversary we also have designed and ordered new merchandising! Our 20 years pin and the 20 years CSCS summer scarf will be available for the first time at our big anniversary party! Make sure to buy yours directly on this weekend. The rest will go on sale via website!

There also will be new T-Shirts up for sale at the party weekend, so make sure you don’t miss it!

Newsletter 1/2023

Dear members

The first newletter of 2023 is out! Check it out.

Hoops in the Alps:

If you have not registered yet, please do so as soon as possible. We invest a lot of time and heartblood in the organisation of the upcoming party. Early registrations make our planning immensely easier. Thank you very much.

Hail Hail


President CSC Switzerland


Liebe Mitglieder

Der neuste Newsletter ist da. Schau ihn dir an!

Hoops in the Alps:

Wer sich noch nicht angemeldet hat, soll dies bitte so rasch wie möglich tun. Wir investieren viel Zeit und Herzblut in die Organisation des kommenden Festes. Frühzeitige Anmeldungen erleichtern uns das Planen immens. Vielen Dank.

Hail Hail


Präsident CSC Switzerland

CSC “season opening” hike Sunday, 20.2.2022

Matchdetails Celtic FC – Dundee FC, Sunday, 20.2.2022, kick-off 15:00 CPT (Celtic Park Time),
16:00 FFT (Fondue Fenians Time)
Idea Hike before the game Celtic – Dundee FC from Spiez to the McArthur’s Pub in
Hiking route Spiez (lake) via Spiezberg, Einigen, Gwatt, Thun along the lake, if possible, in detail
below (see also screenshot of the map section):

  • Meeting point 9:30, Thun Schiffländte (ship station, across the street from
    railway station)
  • Ship “Schilthorn” leaving Thun at 9:40
  • Brunch aboard ship (reservation needed!)
  • 10:24 Arrival in Spiez
  • Quick exterior tour of Spiez Castle
  • 10:45 departure heading over “Spiezberg” in direction of Thun
  • around 1 o’clock lunch break at Roadhouse Route 66 restaurant, Gwatt
  • around 2, 2:30 pm leaving Route 66 heading to McArthur’s Pub, Thun
  • around 3, 3:30 pm arrival at McArthur’s Pub, Thun
  • 16:00: Kickoff Celtic – Dundee FC
    Total distance: 15 km; approx. 220 m uphill, 220 m downhill, 1 ½ km in the forest,
    1 ½ km in the city, rest on open country lanes or district roads.
    Possible facilitations:
  • Bus from Gwatt (Moos), just beside Roadhouse Route 66, 17 min. to Thun,
    Marktgasse (shortening of the route by >5 km and 45 min.; may also be decided
    spontaneously depending on the participants fitness level or time).
  • For persons with physical, fitness or time limitations: Meeting point approx.
    15:00 at Thun, railway station.
    Routedetails Technically easy, physically demanding, but also feasible for untrained persons.
    Equipment Good shoes, min. 1 ½ l of water, clothing adapted to the weather (onion principle),
    maybe sun protection, nordic walking or hiking sticks if desired.
    Weather forecast as per 6.2.2022: Mostly cloudy, around 10°C, low rain probability (10%).
    Getting there Selected connections
  • 09:07 from Bern, direct, arr. Thun: 09:25
  • 08:02 from Zurich HB, direct, arr. Thun: 09:25
  • 06:58 from St. Gallen (change in Zurich HB, 07:57 arr, 08:02 dep), arr Thun: 09:25
  • 08:00 from Lucerne (change in Berne, 09:00 arr, 09:07 dep), arr Thun: 09:25
  • 08:25 from Sion (change in Visp, 08:53 arr, 08:57 dep), arr Thun: 09:34
  • 07:56 from Basel, direct, arr Thun: 09:23

Please tell one of our board members if you will take part ath the Brunch till wednesday 16. february.


  • CSC Saisoneröffnungswanderung Sonntag, 20.2.2022
    Daten zum Spiel Celtic FC – Dundee FC, Sonntag, 20.2.2022, Kickoff 15:00 CPT (Celtic Park Time),
    16:00 FFT (Fondue Fenians Time)
    Idee Wanderung vorgängig des Spiels Celtic – Dundee FC von Spiez nach Thun(dee) ins
    McArthur’s Pub.
    Wanderroute Spiez (See) via Spiezberg, Einigen, Gwatt, Thun dem Thunersee entlang, wo möglich,
    nachfolgend im Detail (siehe auch Screenshot des Kartenausschnitts):
  • Treffpunkt 9:30 Uhr, Thun Schiffländte (gegenüber Bahnhof)
  • Abfahrt Schiff «Schilthorn» 9:40 Uhr
  • Brunch an Bord des Schiffs (Reservation nötig!)
  • 10:24 Uhr Ankunft Spiez
  • Kurze Aussenbesichtigung Schloss Spiez
  • 10:45 Uhr Abmarsch via Spiezberg Richtung Thun
  • Ca. 13 Uhr Mittagshalt im «Roadhouse Route 66» Restaurant, Gwatt
  • Ca. 14 Uhr – 14:30 Uhr, Aufbruch für den letzten Teil des Weges
  • Ca. 15 Uhr – 15:30 Uhr Ankunft im McArthur’s Pub, Thun
  • 16:00 Uhr: Kickoff Celtic – Hibs
    Gesamtdistanz: 15 km; ca. 220 Höhenmeter hoch, 220 Höhenmeter runter, ca. 1 ½
    km im Wald, ca. 1 ½ km in der Stadt, Rest offene Feldwege bzw. Quartierstrassen.
    Mögliche Erleichterung:
  • Bus ab Gwatt (Moos), direkt neben Roadhouse Route 66, 17 Minuten nach
    Thun, Marktgasse (Verkürzung der Route um 5 km und 45 Min.; Kann auch
    spontan entschieden werden, je nach Zeit oder Fitnessstand der Teilnehmer.
  • Für körperlich, konditionell oder zeitlich eingeschränkte Personen: Treffpunkt
    ca. 15:00 Uhr Thun Bahnhof.
    Details zur Route Technisch einfach, konditionell nicht ohne, aber auch untrainiert machbar.
    Ausrüstung Gute Schuhe, min. 1 ½ l Wasser, dem Wetter angepasste Kleidung (Zwiebelprinzip),
    ev. Sonnenschutz, bei Bedarf Nordic-Walking- oder Wanderstöcke.
    Wetter Vorhersage vom 6.2.2022: Bedeckt, ca. 10°C, Regenwahrscheinlichkeit von 10%.
    Anfahrt Ausgewählte Verbindungen
  • 09:07 ab Bern, direkt, Ankunft Thun: 09:25
  • 09:06 ab Zürich HB, direkt, Ankunft Thun: 09:25
  • 06:58 ab St. Gallen (Umsteigen Zürich, 07:57 an, 08:02 ab), Ankunft Thun: 09:25
  • 08:00 ab Luzern (Umsteigen Bern, 09:00 an, 09:07 ab), Ankunft Thun: 09:25
  • 08:25 ab Sion (Umsteigen Visp, 08:53 an, 08:57 ab), Ankunft Thun: 09:34
  • 07:56 ab Basel, direkt, Ankunft Thun: 09:23.

Anmeldefrist für Brunch, Mittwuch, 16.2. Merci!

Successful X-Mas Charity gig

On friday night our boardmember Stevie played a charity gig at The Old City Irish Pub in Bern.

We are very happy to announce that we raised 1’100 CHF for Siidefade – Gemeinsam statt einsam and the Celtic FC Foundation!

Thanks very much to all that donated and supported this great cause 🙏💪
Hoopy festive season to all and stay safe!
🍀💚 CSC Switzerland 💚🍀

Newsletter 2/2021

Liebe Mitglieder

Ich hoffe ihr seid alle gesund.

Im Anhang sende ich euch den aktuellsten Newsletter. Viel Spass beim Durchlesen. Bitte reserviert euch, falls ihr  könnt, die im Newsletter erwähnten Daten. Wäre schön, euch bald wieder “live” zu sehen.

Liebe Grüsse

Küsä / Marcus Schwarzentrub

Präsident CSC Switzerland


Dear members

I hope you are all in good health.
Please find attached the latest newsletter. Enjoy reading it.

Please reserve the dates mentioned in the newsletter if you can. It would be great to see you “live” again soon.


Küsä / Marcus Schwarzentrub

President CSC Switzerland

Newsletter 1/2021





Dear members

In the first newsletter of 2021 we have two topics are to be highlighted:

  1. next Sunday, 7.3.2021 we are offering the unique opportunity to experience the Celtic vs Dundee game with live commentary from Stevie. Perfect for members without Celtic TV, but great fun for those with. Details are in the newsletter. Expected language: German or dialect.  Perfectly to learn the most important football terms in our language 🙂
  2. save the date 26.6.2021. We have provisionally reserved this date for the AGM. In which frame and if the AGM can take place depends on COVID. We will keep you informed.

    Hail Hail
    Küsä (Marcus)
    President CSC Switzerland

St. Gallen is Green and White – or the Discovery of New Capos?

It was a hot Tuesday in Switzerland, when a fenian bus left Schwarzenburg (Blackburry) to collect several creatures, all dressed in green and white. They came in their dozens from all over Switzerland and had origins in Switzerland, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Italy and probably even more. The bus, organised by the CSC Switzerland, left Blackburry on the 2nd of July 2019 at a quarter to noon and picked up Fondue Fenians and old and new friends in different places (Schwarzenburg, Berne, Wangen an der Aare and Zurich) to finally reach St. Gallen by 3:15 in the afternoon.

Once in St. Gallen, we all immediately headed down to “The Irish Pub Brühltor”, where our very own StevieBhoy setup the stage to perform some Irish folk- and also a load of Celtic-songs. As our board member André (El Commandante) had written a little guide to St. Gallen, there were also other Bhoys and Ghirls in the pub, not just us.

Even though St. Gallen (their football club) is green and white itself, it was green and white even more on that day. The pub was decorated with flags from different countries and of different CSCs. Everybody enjoyed the fun, the music and the drinks. As the game was about to be kicked off by 7:30 pm, all the bhoys and ghirls (I’d say 50+ people) left the pub around 6 pm to head out to the Kybunpark, the stadium of FC St. Gallen. As the public transport is included in the match ticket, we all took public buses. Singing during the entire journey, we were very much of an attraction to the locals commuting home after work or the FCSG fans taking the same journey as we did.

At the stadium, the stewards, security personnel and the local fans were very friendly, quite a bit of a surprise, honestly, as St. Gallen is known in Switzerland for its very strict security concept. We all (CSC Switzerland took care of at least 65 tickets) joined the other Hoops-fans in the away end, hung out our flags and enjoyed the spirit of the Celtic family. Sure enough, we sang the ever so necessary hymn “YNWA” by our own (we don’t need it being played by a DJ). The game started and ended quite uneventfully with a 0:0 draw, even though Edouard missed a penalty kick and Jozo Simunovic was sent off. Not all in our end even noticed…

Much to the joy of the local audience and the commentators in Swiss pay-TV, we sang not only “Happy Birthday” to FC St. Gallen, which has it’s 140th anniversary this year. Not only that, but most of the time sang and cheered our team, led by our Toblerone Tims StevieBhoy (who literally almost never stopped singing from the time getting onboard of the bus in Zurich until leaving it) and Boab, who were both showing their ambitions to becoming new capos for the Green Brigade …

The trip to St. Gallen was, once again, absolutely great! We met old and new friends (special hello and welcome to the newly founded CSC Lecco from Lake Como, Italy) and enjoyed a brilliant day with the Celtic family! We’ve been asked dozens of times, how comes, that a Swiss becomes a Celtic fan. Everybody who ever joined such an event will know why. It’s that simple!

Hail hail bhoys and ghirls! See you on the road!