Newsletter 2/2016

Hail, Hail dear member!

Our second season together is over and it was a sheer pleasure to share this experience with you. We hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did and that you are ready to spend the next one in our company.
As you may know if you were present at the AGM last May, some changes occurred in our internal structure: committee member Beat Glarner left us while André Bomatter and Robert France joined the board. Our tasks have been rearranged as follow:

  • Markus: President and tickets manager
  • Heinz: Vice-president and trips / journeys coordinator
  • Steph: Finances and merchandising
  • AndrĂ©: Secretary / Actuary and legal advisor
  • Stevie: IT / communication / social media
  • Rob: Technical support / Mechanics of the web

the new committee thanks you for your trust and is really looking forward to working together to accompany you throughout next season and to offer you some fantastic moments. And what a season it’s going to be! 2016/2017 will be at the CSC Switzerland better and more active than last year: for example, we are planning to deliver you an Online Shop with new merchandising items (yes, really); a few trips abroad for the Champions League games; many events in Switzerland; some trips to Scotland (of course!) and even a trip to Las Vegas next June! The first highlight is going to be the “Season opening weekend” on the 6th-7th August though (see flyer). We will of course keep you informed about each project throughout the year.
One thing is already done and secure: we’ve just renewed our two CSC Switzerland’s season tickets at Celtic Park! That’s the guarantee to offer you unforgettable moments in Glasgow. Due to the return of the Rangers in the Premiership, the demand for the Old Firms is going to be very important and to avoid fights between us and unfair treatments we are introducing new season tickets regulations. Please read them and contact us if you have any question.
Do you fancy another season in our company and take advantage of our club? Then you must know that each CSC Switzerland’s member has to pay an annual fee (this was decided at the AGM and is written in our statutes). This fee allows us to buy the season tickets and to cover our various administrative costs during the year. The amount to pay depends of the chosen member category as follow:

Jimmy Johnstone (active, priority for tickets) CHF 50
Henrik Larsson (active) CHF 30
Neil Lennon (passive) CHF 20
Mini-hoops (for children U-16) free

A payment slip is enclosed and the annual fee is to be paid before the 5th August. Thank you very much for paying on time and for your further support. Feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries at

If you want to attend the first Old Firm game next September at Celtic Park, please inform us until the 31.07.2016 at or 079 770 44 81. Only register if you seriously plan to go to the match. The tickets will be allocated as described in the new Tickets Rules inclosed.

We wish you a fantastic Celtic season, a lovely summer and fun watching the Euros.

CSC Switzerland’s committee